Noche Travertine


Noche Travertine, a type of travertine derived from the word “noche” meaning night in Spanish, is known for its dark brown color. because it is the most diverse in the world travertine in Turkey Turkey it is among the world’s most important manufacturers of Noche Travertine.

Noce Travertine is a member of the Tumbled collection and got its name from the Italian word meaning walnut, walnut shell. With its dark tone, it is an indispensable combination stone of classic light travertines.

Noce Travertine, a kind of brown travertine extracted from quarries in Turkey. This stone is especially used in Exterior – Interior wall and floor applications, coatings, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall coverings, stairs, window sills and other design projects. It is also known as Dark Brown Travertine, Travertine Noce, Medium Travertine Brown, Antalya Noce Travertine, Denizli Noce Travertine, Noche Travertine, Afyon Noce Travertine in the Chinese stone market.

Walnut Travertine paving stone and tile products are a product that increases the value of your home and is more affordable than other travertine selections. Walnut Travertine has become an especially preferred option in residential projects.

Denizli Noce Travertine; Denizli is a kind of brown travertine from Turkey Noce Travertine, outside – the interior wall and floor applications, sinks, countertops, mosaics, fountains, pools and the like are widely used in the field.

Noce Travertine; It has special patterns in dark brown and dark beige tones. It is used in exterior cladding and outdoor flooring. It is one of the indispensable models for mechanical exterior cladding in buildings. It is a stone that is especially resistant to water and sun, so it is frequently used in outdoor applications. In addition, Noce Travertine is preferred for outdoor floor applications such as gardens, gazebos and poolside.

Noce Travertine For those who want to obtain a natural and authentic texture in your residential and commercial projects. Noce travertine is suitable for flooring and coating; travertine mosaic in light beige color tones, jambs, marble and travertine sinks and so on. It can be combined with such products. Noce travertine appeals to different tastes with 2 different cutting methods called vein cut (Turkish cut) and Cross cut (American cut). Noce Travertine will give your flooring an even more rustic appearance thanks to the edge process, which is also called ‘edge breaking’ in French pattern sets, which is produced by breaking the edges of the product slightly with the mechanical process.

For our customers who want a difference in their designs, Noce Travertine with split face will be the right choice. Whether it is polished mosaic or noce split stone mosaic, it has a wide range of use, alone or in combination with different colors.

Denizli Nocesi; Other areas of use are travertine cladding, jambs, elevator cladding, steps, skirting and travertine sinks. Natural stone users who are completely in favor of naturalness attract great attention in the bathroom areas of their residences, as well as in the shower trays and shower wall coverings.

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